The Drinks

Oof... What would live be without them?

To Drink, or Not To Drink.... What a stupid Question!!

We have large selection of spirits and mixers plus various bottled beers, flavoured cider and alcopops. Draught beer, soft drinks and non alcohol beers also available.


We all have different tastes when it comes to shots, so we have everything from the sweet peach Schnapps to the sharp ice cold Sambuuca and loads inbetween!

Free Bubbly!

This one is for the ladies! You may have noticed our rather large collection of Bra's on the ceiling. Well most of those bra's got there via Ur.B.O.O.B.I.E.S (yoUr Bra Or Our Bubbly Intimate Exchange System)

Yes that's right, you give us your Bra and we give you a bottle of Cava. You must follow these easy steps...

Step 1.

Let the bar staff or DJ know what you are doing.

Step 2.

Once they give you the OK, Climb up on to the bar.

Step 3.

Shake your ass to whichever song is playing.

Step 4.

Remove bra and throw to DJ (Make sure he is ready, Music tends to go off if the DJ has been blinded by a bra strap)

Step 5.

Get your bottle of Cava and keep on partying! (No Spraying!!)

Beer Pong!

We now have 2 Beer Pong table permenantly set up ready for you to go a few rounds on. A jug of beer, a stack of plastic cups and a pingpong ball! Ah the simple things in life!


Ask about any offers or special cocktails we may have available. Can be ordered by the glass or by the jug.


Right all this typing is making me thirsty, who wants another cocktail??


** Special Offers **

Find a PR and ask about our new drinks promotions *

Specials Offers 2018

*San Miguel Bottles

*Sex On The Beach Glass (tubo)

*House spirit - Vodka/Rum/Whiskey with Cola/Fanta/Sprite

*3x Jaeger Shots & 1 Energy Drink

*Shots - Caramel Vodka/Apple/Peach/Tequila